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Created on 2009-05-03 04:42:18 (#232803), last updated 2009-05-03 (441 weeks ago)

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I have bad taste. I like John Denver, airports, Christopher Pike and shitty TV shows. On the other hand, my favourite beatle is George so I'm probably not entirely irredeemable. My hand is really cold right now, and also - weirdly - a portion of my right knee, but not the whole knee. Wait, that's not an interest. Although I guess you could say I have an interest in myself. I do! It's sort of like people who watch Jerry Springer for the trainwrecks.

This whole monologue makes less sense now that I have correctly placed it in the bio section rather than the interests section but who cares.

Arg. Now I'm doing my interests and its so higgledy piggledy and uneven. Other things will occur to me later and I'll be all, "why did I put in Die Hard and not Meet Me in St. Louis? I love the Garland more than the Willis, early Moonlighting not withstanding." Actually, I should go put those in.
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